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Arctic link is a GSM (LTE) module allowing you to connect your phone to your diesel heater system seamlessly

Advanced Features for a Modern Life

4G / 5G LTE connectivity

Discover the power of seamless connectivity with Arctic Link. Experience reliable connections, ensuring you're always in sync with your device. Arctic Link's intuitive design allows for effortless integration
- plug and play

Plug n' play
No complicated setups or technical know-how required. Just plug in, and you're ready to go. ArcticLink makes connecting and getting started simpler than ever.

ON/OFF thermostat

Enhance comfort with the extended thermostat. It cuts temperature peaks and offers precise on/off control. Combined with adjustable hysteresis, it minimizes system start-ups and shutdowns, reducing wear and prolonging equipment life.

temp status

Receive real-time updates on the temperature within your living environment.

Literally endless connection

Experience boundless connectivity with Arctic Link, the innovative GSM module tailored for diesel heating systems. Stay connected in every corner of the globe, any time of day, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in the most remote areas.

Control External Tech

Two integrated relays enable you to control other accessories, such as water pumps, ventilation and other related devices, with ease and efficiency.

User friendly app

The Arctic Link app offers a user-friendly interface that makes managing your connections effortless. Whether you're adjusting preferences, checking temperature levels, or setting timer, the Arctic Link app keeps you connected and in command.

For Apple & Android

For Apple & Android

tailor your device

The app provides a simple, customizable control of your device's. It also keeps you informed with immediate status updates when the device is powered on, ensuring you're always in the loop.


Arctic link offers the capability to add up to five administrator phone numbers. These numbers ONLY, will have the authority to control and manage Arctic Link.

Colour coding​

Backlit logotype that intuitively signals the device's status, ensuring that you're always updated.

ON/OFF thermostat

ArcticLink's thermostat manages the heaters operation by turning off and restarting the heater, preventing overheating when the heaters own thermostat is insufficient. This ensures precise temperature control, enhancing comfort.

features an adjustable hysteresis ranging from 1°C to 5°C

Compatible devices


Arctic Link features two customizable 5A relays, offering users the flexibility to adjust the activation duration between 1 - 99 seconds, or CONTINUOUS closure. Additionally, there's the option to synchronize the relays' operation with the turning on and off of the diesel heater.

ECO mode

Eco Mode significantly reduces power consumption by turning off the chip and extinguishing the LED, activating the system only once every 20 minutes. This function slashes power usage down by 95%. While Eco Mode dramatically extends battery life, the response time will be slower due to the reduced activation frequency.


The timer function allows the user to delay the start of the diesel heater. This feature is useful for scheduling the start of the heater and ensuring that a space is heated at a desired time.

Ranges from 1 - 99 hours


Arctic Link kan be used as a frostguard, providing an essential safety net for your cabin's heating system. If the main heating system fails, Arctic Link steps in to prevent potential damage from freezing temperatures. The system continuously monitors the cabin's temperature, and if it drops below a set threshold, Arctic Link sends an immediate SMS alert to your phone. Simultaneously, it activates the backup diesel heater, preventing freezing damages in your cabin.

Diesel Heater GSM Control

Arctic Link offers seamless GSM integration, allowing you to control your diesel heater from anywhere. With GSM capabilities, you can receive real-time updates and send commands to your heating system, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind.

Diesel Heater SMS Alerts

Arctic Link keeps you informed with SMS alerts. Receive instant notifications about your diesel heater’s status, including temperature changes and system malfunctions. This feature ensures you’re always aware of your heating system’s performance, allowing for quick action when necessary.

Diesel Heater Phone Control

With Arctic Link, controlling your diesel heater via phone has never been easier. Our user-friendly interface lets you manage your heating settings directly from your smartphone, providing instant access and control at your fingertips.